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Applying for a loan with green loans company


Depending on what is most convenient for you can choose to apply online, over the phone, or by visiting our offices for assistance from our communications team. After you apply for a loan with us, we will contact you within 24 hours regarding your application

How it works

Getting a clear understanding of what a green loan is a very crucial to any client before getting this loan. most suitable

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Energy efficiency

The main aim of a green loan is to save on energy promoting practises that are environmentally friendly.

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Green Loans and Mortgage

Green loans, unlike other loans are different in that they are only used to promote environmentally friendly practises

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What safeguards are in place?

Since this loan is a matter touching most people as it deals with money and people will try at all costs to avoid risks posed by money we at green loans limited put our customer first by ensuring there are measures in place to protect them. Such measures include:

  • we carry out an assessment from an authorised Green loan assessor to determine what is suitable for you;

  • we have authorised installers meeting high standards;

  • we have put in place existing legislation governing mis-selling, unfair trading practices and consumer credit agreements to avoid any frauds.

  • Clear processes to follow when a property changes hands, to ensure people know about the Green loan before they move in to avoid extra costs.

  • Making it clear when a customer may be required to pay the Plan off early before they enter into a Green loan plan.

Green loans

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To get a green energy loan, you first have to identify what improvements your home needs. This does not just include identifying any type of improvements, but those in line with our products and hence a client has to, therefore, follow the official suggestions. These suggestions come in the form of a home energy rating system report. Our trained Energy Ratter goes to your home and completes an inspection to find out just how energy efficient it is. The rate will take into account factors like insulation, windows, heating and cooling systems, and local climate to give the home an overall rating. Our company provides the energy ratter

Green loans


at green loan company, we provide you with a wide range of services and benefits. These various services aimed to assist you include:

  • Mobile banking that is optional to all clients.’

  • Telephone banking where you can call us through our contact details provided to follow up on your loan

  • Internet banking. We have a website from where clients can easily manage their loans

  • Finally, we also offer over the counter service at no cost.


Our green loans company has over the years specialised in offering environmentally friendly loans that are basically result in energy saving Green Loan is the best solution if you are planning to renovate your house or apartment, change the doors or windows,

Green loans

improve heating system or implement any other action resulting in primary energy saving. Our company suggests Green Lending with reduced terms.

The Loan is provided for installation of energy efficient lighting, heating improvements, installation of doors and windows, roof and wall insulation. Making your house more energy efficient isn’t just about helping the environment and saving you money. Energy efficient homes are cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, cost less to maintain, have lower monthly utility costs, and generally last longer. Overall, an upgraded home is more comfortable all around.

They also reduce risks posed by unhealthy practises. A good example is the electric powered vehicles that have been introduced. They not only cut the cost of spending on fuel but also reduce harming of the ozone layer due to emission of the gases from diesel and petrol cars and hence reduce the spreading of lung diseases like asthma and bronchitis which are becoming common over time.


Our loaning company offers a variety of benefit to clients and has features that make our loan unique and distinct. They are:

  • we do not charge our clients fees on their loan account keeping

  • Our loan repayment period extends within duration of 1-5years

  • Additional payments are also allowed when making loan repayments

  • Our company offers green loans from as low as low as $1200- $40,000 for approved products

  • We also minimal interest rates on our loans